Choose Your Own Adventure in Whitley Bay

2021, 6 x 4K videos in an app, Up to 10 minutes, depending on user’s speed .

Choose Your Own Adventure in Whitley Bay was a public artwork commissioned by ArtHouses for LOCALwifi. It operated as a simple video game, inviting the audience to choose their own path through the town’s historic leisure industry. The game was accessible on mobile devices, and it deployed, chapter by chapter, a non-linear narrative. To mark each chapter, the audience was invited to choose between two options in order to reveal a video work. Choose Your Own Adventure in Whitley Bay focussed on tourism and the promotional images it has generated over the years. Through rhythmic editing and a flamboyant soundtrack, the work revealed how the seaside town has, in the past, exemplified cultural appropriation and how this was shaped by a consumerist desire for exoticism. The work was both seductive and problematic, as was and still is the tourism industry.

Bottom image courtesy of ArtHouses